The Group

General Information

It all started in 1932, when brothers Chrysostomos and Costas Mitsides bought a traditional stone mill in the old part of Nicosia. This was the beginning of an ongoing path of excellence and quality, which passed down from generation to generation. In the decades that followed, this small family business flourished into the largest and most experienced flour and pasta manufacturer in Cyprus.
Today Mitsides dominates the Cyprus market, enjoying an impressive 98% brand awareness on the island, and commanding equally impressive shares of around 40% and 50% in the local pasta and flour markets respectively. Moreover, Mitsides products are successfully spreading to overseas markets, earning international acclaim.
Apart from its main line of business which is the production and sale of flour and pasta, the company is also active in grain trading, the sale of pasta sauces, processed tomato products, frozen foods and other foodstuffs, as well as the sale of raw materials for the baking and confectionery industries.

With offices and production units in Nicosia, Dhali and Aradippou and regional offices and distribution centers in all main cities of Cyprus, Mitsides locally employs around 160 people, including qualified personnel in Production, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Food Technology and Quality Control. Mitsides also operates a fully owned Flourmill, Pasta and bakery Factory in Serbia, covering the Serbian and nearby markets. 

Group Structure

The Mitsides Group consists of Mitsides Public Company Ltd, which since 2001 owns Larnaca Flourmills Zenon Ltd, after the 100% takeover of Zenon’s holding company Blue Azul Investments Ltd. In addition, since 2010 Mitsides Public Company Ltd owns 100% of the shares of Serbian company Mitsides Point D.o.o. 

Mission Statement

Our Aim:

To maintain the leadership position in the Cyprus Pasta & Flour industry and further expand our operations globally.

Our Commitment:

The maintaining of Total Quality Management through systematic and continuous training of our personnel, the employment of modern technology in our production, sales and administration facilities and the constant revision and improvement of our internal organizational procedures and methods.

Our dedication:

To enhance our shareholders value through strategic alliances and quick adaption to change that will increase the company’s profitability.

Board of Directors and other Officers

Listed in the Cyprus Stock Exchange since 2007, the company is governed by a Board of Directors, composed of executive and independent, non-executive members. The company adopts the Corporate Governance Code of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (2002).


It all starts in 1932, when timber merchants Chrysostomos and Costas Mitsides, purchase a traditional stone mill in the old town of Nicosia, opposite the historic Famagusta Gate. The two brothers set up a partnership under the name of "Chrysostomos and Costas Mitsides", adding flour milling, pasta manufacturing and ice making to their timber trading activities. The first Mitsides Flour enters the Cyprus market, while most pasta is sold in bulk, or under the previous owner’s brand name of "Krinos".
The second family line starts taking over the partnership’s management, with Petros & Stelios Chr. Mitsides and Petros & Mikis C. Mitsides as new directors.
The first industrial flourmill is set up with machinery from Miag of Germany and the milling capacity increases to 25 tons daily. The company also imports an ice cream cone producing unit, also from, with Petros & Stelios Chr. Mitsides and Petros & Mikis C. Mitsides as new directors.
During the first bi-communal conflicts, the Timber center which was situated in Ermou street in the heart of Nicosia, is destroyed and is rebuilt on Nikiforou Foka.
The first modern pasta machinery is imported from Baibanti of Italy. Industrial production of pasta begins with a capacity of 200 kgs per hour, and the first Mitsides pasta is launched on the Cyprus market.
The first export shipment of Mitsides Pasta is effected, with the UK being the first destination.
The flourmill, as well as the ice-cream cone and ice units are completely destroyed by fire. In the same year, the partnership becomes a limited liability company under the name of "Chr. & C. Mitsides Ltd".
A new mill is constructed on the site of the old one, with new automatic machinery from Sangati of Italy. The milling capacity now rises to 60 tons daily.
The third family line starts taking over the management of the company, with Chrysostomos St. Mitsides, Chrysostomos P. Mitsides, Constantinos P. Mitsides and Olga Lysandrou as Directors.
The packaging of pasta, which up to then was done manually, now becomes automated.
The packaging of flour becomes automated and the mill's capacity rises to 100 tons daily.
A new pasta factory with brand new machinery is constructed in Dhali Industrial Zone. Within two years, two completely automated production lines for long and short pasta start operation, and the pasta plant's total production capacity rises to 1,500 kg per hour.
• Cooperation with Yum! Brands Inc. and Pizza Hut International begins. Chr. & C. Mitsides becomes an approved supplier of flour for the Pizza Hut chain globally, and as such the company starts exports of substantial quantities of flour to Pizza Hut restaurants in the Middle East and Arab Gulf.

• The Mitsides product range is enriched with a line of ready-made pasta sauces and a line of dry tortellini.

• Cooperation with Puratos N.V . of Belgium (world leader in raw materials for the baking, confectionery and other food industries) begins, for the exclusive distribution of their products in Cyprus.
• New offices and a warehouse of 5,000 m² are built in Dhali, and the following year a new fully computerized mixing plant for the production and packaging of specialty flours is built next to the pasta plant.

• The production capacity of the flour mill is increased to 130 tons daily.
• Chr. & C. Mitsides Ltd becomes a public company.

• As a result of its cooperation with Yum! Brands and Pizza Hut International as an approved flour supplier, Mitsides wins the "Middle East Supplier of the Year" award for the year 2000. This award is annually granted by Yum! Brands, based on criteria of quality, hygiene, service, timely delivery and sales volumes.
• Both the Flourmill and the Pasta Factory acquire the ISO9002 Quality Management System certification.

• Mitsides takes over "Larnaca Flourmills Zenon Ltd" and becomes the largest flour producer in Cyprus, as the total capacity of the Mitsides Group's two mills now stands at 230 tons daily.

• The Mitsides Quality Centre is launched at the Group's Headquartes in Dhali. The quality Centre is designed to regularly host specialized seminars for bakers and confectioners, with the participation of experts from Cyprus and abroad.

• As a result of its cooperation with Yum! Brands Inc and Pizza Hut International, Mitsides wins for the 2nd time the "Middle East Supplier of the Year" award for the year 2001. Mitsides also receives the highest distinction of all and is pronounced as Yum! Brands "Star International Supplier of the Year", among 630 suppliers worldwide.

• Δημιουργείται στον χώρο του Μακαρονοποιείου στο Δάλι ξεχωριστή αυτόματη μονάδα παραγωγής φρέσκων / κατεψυγμένων ζυμαρικών και αρχίζει η παραγωγή των πρώτων ραβιόλων Μιτσίδη.
• Η Χρ. & Κ. Μιτσίδης Λτδ βραβεύεται για τρίτη χρονιά από την Yum! Brands (πρώην Tricon) σαν "Ο προμηθευτής της Χρονιάς" της Pizza Hut για την περιοχή της Μέσης Ανατολής, Βορείου Αφρικής και Πακιστάν για το έτος 2003.
• Both the Mitsides Flourmill and the Mitsides Pasta plant acquire the HACCP Food Safety Management System certification.

• Mitsides acquires a 10% share holding in Serbian company Zitopromet Bratstvo A.D., a company dealing with the production of flour, pasta and bakery products, as well as the trading of grains.

• Mitsides pasta enters the UK market through an agreement with UK company Cypressa.
• A new line of processed tomato products joins the Mitsides product range. The new line comprises of two types of chopped peeled tomatoes in 400g tins, as well as tomato pulp and paste in catering packages of 2.5 and 5 kilos.

• Serbian company Zitopromet Bratstvo A.D. starts the construction of a new, modern dry Pasta Factory of a total capacity of 2,000 kilos per hour, in Sremska Mitrovica.

• "Chr. & C. Mitsides Ltd" is renamed as "Mitsides Public Company Ltd".

• Mitsides begins the construction of its own Grain Silos on its Headquarters grounds in Dhali Industrial Zone. Four Silos of a total capacity of 10.000 tons are being constructed.

• Mitsides begins the import and distribution of Sitia olive oil and wines from Crete.

• Mitsides Group increases its share holding in Serbian company Zitopromet Bratstvo A.D. from 10% to 45.57%.

• Mitsides receives Yum! Brands "Supplier of the Year" award for the fourth time, as a result of its flour exports to Pizza Hut restaurants in the Middle East and Arab Gulf.
• Mitsides starts cooperation with The Sofia Foundation for Children, by providing free pasta and other items to various Cypriot primary schools, which participate in the “ I cook and I offer” program.

• Mitsides becomes a sponsor of the Hope for Children Foundation, by launching a Facebook application through which it contributes to the construction and furnishing of the “Home for Hope” children’s shelter in Nicosia.

• Mitsides Passata packages of 200g, as well as Mitsides tomato paste of 70g, join the Mitsides Tomato product range.
• Cooperation with UK’s Tesco chain begins and Mitsides pasta are put on the shelves of most Tesco supermarkets, all over the UK.

• Bulgur Wheat and Fine Bulgur Wheat are added to the Mitsides product range,

• In Serbia, the new Pasta Factory of Mitsides Point A.D. starts production, as the first production line for cut dry pasta is set in operation.

• On the occasion of the completion of 75 years of successful operation, Mitsides announces its decision to become Official Sponsor of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, for the Beijing Olympic Games.
• As Official Sponsors of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, Mitsides contributes a sum for every Mitsides product sold on the retail market, for the period from 1st January to the beginning of the Beijing Olympic Games.

• In Serbia, the new Pasta Factory of Mitsides Point A.D. is completed with the operation of a second production line for long pasta, in addition to the existing cut pasta production line. The factory’s total production capacity rises to 2,000 kgs per hour.

• Mitsides completes the construction of 10 more grain silos at its headquarter grounds at Dhali Industrial Zone, thus raising the total grain capacity of its silos to nearly 20,000 tons of grain.
• Mitsides starts the import and distribution of FiberPasta, a specialised dietetic, high-fiber pasta from Italy.
• Mitsides completes the 100% takeover of Serbian company Mitsides Point A.D.

• Mitsides starts the import of Rummo biological pasta from Italy, which also includes some whole wheat pasta items.
• Mitsides introduces a new line of pasta for children, under the name Mitsides PastaFun. The range includes 3 colourful packages with pasta shapes as animals, princess shapes and vehicle shapes.

• Mitsides launches a new website, which includes a special kids corner, featuring games, arts and crafts for kids.

• Mitsides adds two new products on its range, namely Mitsides Biological Bulgur and Mitsides Gnocchi.
• Mitsides Facebook page is launched. The first of a series of Facebook competitions is set up, with a number of funny pasta themed videos, under the name “Ston nou sou makarounia”.

• Mitsides Wheat is added to the range of Mitsides products.

• Mitsides starts the import of Agrino rice and pulses from Greece.

• Mitsides Pasta Fun range is nominated for the In-Business Awards 2012, in the “new products” category.

• Mitsides organizes a Press Conference and Photographic exhibition at Famagusta gate, on the occasion of its 80th anniversary.
• Mitsides becomes the official sponsor of the Cyprus Association of Large Families, offering large amounts of free supplies of flour and pasta for the whole year.

• Mitsides introduces a special line of catering pasta packages for professional use.

• Mitsides All-Purpose flour is added to the Mitsides 1kg bags flour range.

• A series of pasta cooking videos, especially made for Mitsides by Chef Kimon Georgiou is launched through Mitsides social media pages.

• A major CSR Easter campaign is featured through Mitsides Facebook page, in cooperation with “Vagoni Agapis” charity organization.

• Mitsides launches two 5kg flour bags on the market, namely Mitsides Farina and Mitsides Village Flour.
• Mitsides starts cooperation with The Sofia Foundation for Children, by providing free pasta and other items to various Cypriot primary schools, which participate in the “ I cook and I offer” program.

• Mitsides becomes a sponsor of the Hope for Children Foundation, by launching a Facebook application through which it contributes to the construction and furnishing of the “Home for Hope” children’s shelter in Nicosia.

• Mitsides Passata packages of 200g, as well as Mitsides tomato paste of 70g, join the Mitsides Tomato product range.

Mitsides completes the 100% takeover of Serbian company Mitsides Point.
• Mitsides introduces a new line of ready pasta sauces, which includes 7 different sauces, all of which are made with 100% natural products, without preservatives, GMOs or artificial flavours.
• Mitsides launches a completely new look for its main pasta line, introducing square bottom packages for most of its shapes, supported by a specifically designed media campaign, centered on the Mitsides Village girl, which was always featured on the Mitsides logo.
Mitsides bouillons, made with 100% natural ingredients and zero chemicals, are here to enhance the taste of your dishes.
Mitsides launches a completely new look for its Premium pasta line

Cyprus Operations

The company is active mainly in Cyprus, where its operations fall under three main divisions:

Mitsides owns 14 grain silos of a total capacity of 20,000 tons and operates two Flourmills, one in the centre of Nicosia and one in Aradippou Industrial Area in Larnaca. Both are combined mills that can handle all kinds of wheat, soft, hard and durum, as well as other cereals. With a total milling capacity of 260 metric tons per day, they produce a wide range of quality flours, such as culinary flours, bread making flours, village and wholewheat flours, semolinas and by-products such as bran and fine bran. Mitsides also owns two fully automated Mixing Plants, unique to Cyprus, which offers  substantial flexibility to the company, by producing an extensive line of specialized flours and ready mixes, such as multicereal, multigrain, wholewheat flours, tsoureki mixes and many others, in packages of 1 to 25 kilos, which may cater for every need.

The Mitsides Pasta Factory was built in 1989 in Dhali Industrial zone, using all state of the art Italian technology and produces a wide range of both dry and fresh / frozen pasta products, such as traditional Cyprus ravioli. In addition, the company also distributes under the Mitsides brand name a wide range of related products, that include dry tortellini products, pasta sauces, processed tomato products and bulgur wheat. Following relevant agreements with international companies, Mitsides also exclusively imports and distributes a wide range of rice and pulses of the leading Greek company Agrino.

For twenty years now, Mitsides also imports and distributes a very wide range of raw materials, equipment and other professional products for the Bakery, Confectionery and other food industries, using a separate distribution network. These professional products include improvers and mixes for the baking and confectionery industries, margarines, vegetable creams, glazes, chocolates and chocolate decorations, gelato mixes, bases, sugar based products such as sugarpaste, icings, marzipan, cake decoration moulds and cutters, decorating colours, jellies and sprinkles, etc. Mitsides is now the exclusive distributor for leading brands like Puratos, Belcolade and Leman of Belgium, PreGel, Pavoni, Laped, Tedesco and Novacart of Italy and Barbara Luicjkx of Holland. 

Quality Control

The assurance of high quality in production has always been a matter of top priority for Mitsides. Strict Quality Control is exercised over all process functions and at all production stages, from the selection of raw materials to the distribution of finished goods.

Mitsides runs a fully functional in-house Laboratory within the Nicosia Flourmill facility, operated by a team of qualified personnel which includes a food scientist, a chemist and a flourmill engineer. Quality control is implemented on a daily basis, as every batch of raw materials as well as every batch of end product produced are thoroughly tested, using the highest technology and control devices available, ensuring the high quality standards of all Mitsides products.
In addition, Mitsides has recently set up a fully-equipped Bakery workshop, adjacent to the Flourmill’s Laboratory, where the quality and bread-making capabilities of each batch of flour produced can be tested under real bakery conditions, ensuring the high qualitative level of all Mitsides flour products. 

Mitsides also runs a fully equipped Quality Centre, which hosts bakery and confectionery seminars and demonstrations, and  also serves as a test centre for current and newly developed products of the company.

Beyond the Cyprus Market

Having secured its predominance in the Cyprus market, Mitsides has made a clear strategic decision to grow by expanding abroad, both through the increase of exports and through expanding its productive operations abroad. 


Mitsides flour and pasta are the only Cypriot branded flour and pasta products to be sold abroad. Export destinations for Mitsides products include the United Kingdom, Greece, Serbia, USA, Australia, Japan, Lebanon, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The largest share of exports consists of flour exports and mainly flour exported to Pizza Hut restaurants in the Arab Gulf and the Middle East. These exports were the result of Mitsides becoming one of the approved international flour suppliers for Pizza Hut’s parent company Yum!Brands Inc., about 20 years ago, following a 2-year period of thorough examination and approval of its quality, hygiene, and safety standards. 

World Acclaim

This partnership with Pizza Hut International brought great world acclaim to Mitsides, as the company earned a string of awards as “Pizza Hut Supplier of the Year”, on 5 separate occasions, based on criteria of quality, hygiene, service and sales. This distinction helped Mitsides win additional business from Pizza Hut franchisees in many other markets in South Asia and the Far East. Mitsides has recently obtained similar collaborations with other multinationals, which further expanded its international acclaim clientele.

As a result of rapid and sustained expansion in recent years, the company now derives around 14% of its total sales from exports. 


Expansion in Serbia

Apart from exports development, the company recently made a very important strategic move towards the foreign expansion of its operations, through the 100% acquisition of a Serbian company, active in the production of flour, pasta and bakery products, as well as the trading of grains. The Company, which is now managed by Mitsides under the name of Mitsides Point D.o.o., already owns 2 flour mills of a total milling capacity of 230 tons/day, grain silos of a storing capacity of 40,000 tons, a fresh pasta factory, a bakery plant and bakery sales outlets, as well as a recently constructed, modern dry pasta factory, of a total daily capacity of 48,000kg. All plants are situated in Sremska Mitrovica, within the Vojvodina granary, an area close to Belgrade, near the borders to Croatia and Bosnia and not far from the borders to Hungary and Rumania. 
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