Best Christmas Songs

You can’t have holidays without proper music, and Christmas is anything but an exception to the rule. From Christmas carols, to timeless festive ‘hits’ and now classic, beloved Christmas songs, music is an integral part of the holiday season. Together, we will go on a brief trip down memory lane for the best Christmas songs that shouldn’t be omitted from your festive lists.

Jingle Bells

Arguably, the most recognisable Christmas melody in one of the all time classics of the holidays.

Deck the Halls

A beloved song that encapsulates the spirit of Christmas exceptionally.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This year, Santa is checking his list twice and is coming to your home, with his favourite song as a gift.

Silent Night

Give your holidays a solemn feeling that will bring your whole family closer together.

Feliz Navidad

The ultimate ‘feel good’ Christmas song that will cheer up just about everyone!

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