Christmas List

The days leading up to Christmas are always a hectic period with a lot of preparations, planning and decisions to be made. During such a period, mistakes or oversights that may hinder your festive enjoyment are just around the corner. So, we lovingly prepared a Christmas to-do list with everything you need to keep track of so that you can enjoy Christmas to the maximum.

Organise your Gifting List

In order to avoid any last-minute searching, going over budget or inadvertently forgetting someone important to you, you should prepare a written list about your Christmas gifts as early as possible.

Prepare your Festive Menu

To enjoy the perfect holiday feast, it is crucial that you study and decide the recipes you will be preparing, on time. By doing so, you allow yourself time to do all the necessary shopping, as well as to come up with unique taste combinations for the holiday table.

Prepare a Guest List

By individually taking each guest into account you can calculate your Christmas shopping, having considered everyone’s personal wants and needs.

Christmas Vacations

In case you’re preparing for some kind of Christmas excursion, you should take care of all your obligations beforehand, as well as pack everything you need, while avoiding overpacking.

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