Christmas Movies for the Whole Family

According to many people, Christmas is the most family-focused celebration of the year. A time where we can exchange gifts and spend time with our loved ones, without the burdens of everyday life. One of the most entertaining and pleasant ways to share time with our family is with a wonderful Christmas movie. We gathered some of the best and we present them to you.

Home Alone

Everyone’s favourite little Christmas rascal that has raised multiple generations with his antics!

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens’s classic Christmas tale, voiced by the beloved, Jim Carrey!

Polar Express

Tom Hanks’s Christmas train will take you straight to the heart of the holidays!


A man raised by elves, finds out that he is not one of them, and seeks out the truth in a hilarious story!


The favourite Christmas story of our little friends, that will ‘warm’ your heart with its impressive soundtrack.

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