Holiday Games for your Little Friends

Christmas is a period that belongs to children, first and foremost. To them, it is not simply a time to relax and enjoy tranquil family moments. It’s a season of magic and wonder which helps them set their unlimited imagination free. Take care of the entertainment of your younger friends with these unique recommendations we have gathered for you.

Scavenger Hunt

What could possibly make Christmas presents even more appealing to a kid? Christmas presents they need to locate on their own, through a game you will have prepared for them.

Christmas Colouring

Set a table full of colours, pictures and other painting accessories, and let the family’s younger members express the world of Christmas through their own eyes.

Candy Cane Hunt

Borrow a little something from Easter, and hide candy canes, instead of eggs, in your home and your garden!

Christmas Storytelling

Gather the youngest members of the family around the fireplace and take them on a journey through a number of classic festive tales.

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