How to Reuse Everything from the Christmas Table

Christmas is everyone’s favourite season. A season filled with joy, dreams, presents and beautiful family moments. However, it is also one of the most wasteful periods of the entire year. This year, we celebrate Christmas with a ‘greener’ and more sustainable mindset, so that we can preserve our planet and its natural resources.

Turkey Sandwiches

Instead of throwing Christmas Turkey leftovers away, cut them into small pieces and use them in delicious sandwiches.


Find use even for discarded fruit and vegetable peels from your spread. Compost them and use them as a nutrient-rich resource for your garden.

Decorative Bottles

Wine or champagne bottles can help you utilise your creativity, instead of being instantly thrown away. Decorate them with your own colours and designs and turn them into artistic vases.

Bread – Croutons

Cut any leftover bread into cubes, bake it with oil, garlic and other herbs, and repurpose it into crunchy and tasty croutons.

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