Simple Tricks for a “Green” Christmas

Christmas, love, joy and giving always go hand in hand. However, in order for us to have all of the above, we need to take care of our planet’s fate. This year, we celebrate Christmas in an environmentally conscious manner. We gathered some simple tips for you to be able to celebrate your very own ‘green’ Christmas!

Pay Attention to the Materials of your Gifts

Buy gifts made with recycled and other sustainable materials.

Smart Wrapping

Limit the amount of wrapping paper you use and avoid plastic cards and ribbons.

Prefer Plant-Based Food

For a more eco-friendly spread, prioritise plant-based food.

Use LED Lights for your Tree
LED Lights consume much less energy and look just as festive and pretty!

Give your Tree a Second Chance

It is better not to buy a new plastic tree every year, so take care of the one you already have.

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