Small Gifts for your Guests

Do you feel the festive spirit more than ever and want to go that extra mile for your beloved guests? Show them your love and gratitude with a series of small gifts you will prepare for them and watch the smile on their face as they receive them. Below, you will find some suggestions we gathered for you.

Holiday Cups or Tumblers

A simple, but always useful choice that will remind your guests of this day throughout the year.

Set of Scented Candles

Fill the daily life of those you love with light and wonderful aromas.

Handcrafted Creations

Nothing says ‘I care for you’ like something you made yourself. Don’t hesitate! After all, it’s the effort and the thought that matter!

Handmade Food

From jam or small sweet treats, to cookies and mini quiches, let your cooking express your love!

Personalised Keychains

A practical gift that you can easily attach a personal and sentimental value to.

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