Upgrade the Aesthetics of the Festive Table

While the festive spread may traditionally be a family affair, that does not mean that you cannot try out new things. Put your own personal twist on this year’s holidays by hosting an event that will subvert all expectations. This year, opt to give a more refined tone to your holidays with these ideas for an aesthetic Christmas upgrade.

Card – Invitation

Invite friends and relatives to your festive spread with a classy Christmas card.

Black-and-White Decoration

Replace the traditional red of Christmas with the elegant and subtle harmony that a black and white palette offers.

Appropriate Music

Choose alternative versions of beloved Christmas songs performed on piano, violin and other relevant musical instruments.

Guest Keepsakes

Prepare small gifts for your guests, which will serve as mementos of a wonderful celebration with a different aura.

White Lights

White lights on your tree and other surfaces will give a more formal feeling to your home.

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