Recipes for the Holiday Table

The holiday season is upon us and the preparations for the grand Christmas family table begin now! In order to satisfy and impress everyone with your cooking skills, all you need to do is trust the beloved Mitsides products and recipes. We picked some of the best Christmas recipes with Mitsides products and present them to you:

Christmas Vegetable & Chikpea Crumble

A multi-layered recipe that will wow everyone at the family table.

Tricolore Christmas Soup

Give a unique ‘warmth’ to the holidays, with a delicious soup.

Vegetarian Christmas Orzo Stuffing

Take care of every member of your family with a tasty and vegetarian-friendly recipe.

Christmas Kourabiedes

Everyone’s favourite sweet treat that is an integral part of every holiday table, at its finest.

Christmas Pasta Flora

Finish off your Christmas Day meal with the rich taste of Pasta Flora.

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