Vegetable Bouillon


12 x 10 = 120g

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Salt, Vegetable fat (palm), corn starch, yeast extract, vegetables 4,3% (onion, carrot, celery, tomato, leek, cabbage), natural flavourings (contain celery), sugar, spices, onion and carrot extracts, antioxidant: rosemary extract.

May contain traces of gluten, milk, egg, soy, fish and crustaceans.



NUTRITIONAL VALUES per 100g Per Serving** % RI*
Energy: 1358KJ /327Kcal 68KJ/16Kcal 1%
Fat: 25g (of which saturated: 17g) 1g (of which saturated:1g) 1%
Carbohydrate: 19g (of which sugars: 4,6g) 1g (of which sugars: <0,5g) 1,5% (of which sugars: 3,5%)
Fibre: 1,4g <0,5g -
Protein: 5,8g <0,5g 1,5%
Salt: 43g 2,2g 7%

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